Josh Prendeville was raised in a beautiful corner of the globe known as New Zealand.

Growing up and maturing surrounded by a film and photographic parentage, Josh was privileged to have been exposed to artistic expression from an young age; immersed in an environment which honoured visual communication.  Josh identified very early what he wanted and has never been content to waste time. By 19, with the backing of a photographic scholarship received while still in High School, he completed a Diploma in Photography from Massey University.  Josh attained top marks in the course and took on the role of Head Curator as well as maintaining his place as a contributing artist for the final end of year exhibition. 

He continued to make waves following his graduation contracting to luxury brand Giorgio Armani.  This work has had a defining effect on Josh's career, catapulting him into back to back shoots for global commercial giants such as Jim Beam and Samsung.  His determination to realise a concept and his talent for translating a clients needs belies his youth. 

His love of cinema, evident in his approach to still imagery, unsurprisingly informed his next gambit. His hunger and questionable obsession with a heterogeneous spectrum of arts saw him climb quickly through the ranks and gain recognition as a promising young director of moving images. 

Josh now endeavours to spend his time between Auckland, NZ and his self-adopted second home, Paris.





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